Lake Somerville ORV

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Somerville Lake offers an off-road vehicle area for visitor recreation. The entrance and parking lot are located between the park entrance and the gate house at Yegua Creek Park.

The area is undeveloped, highly eroded, and some parts retain water. There is a well-worn trail, but visitors are allowed to ride anywhere within the confines of the area.

The Off-Road Vehicle Area is open year-round and no permit is required.

Only 3- and 4-wheel all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles are allowed. Size is limited to width of opening in the pipe rail fence at the entrance to the trail.

Visitors must stay within the designated off-road vehicle area. If, by chance, a fence is not in place, it is still considered a barrier, and visitors may not cross. Please report all downed fences to the Somerville Lake Office.

There is no camping in the off-road vehicle area.

The area is open from dawn until dusk.

All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lot. There is no parking along the roadway.

All Federal, State, and local laws apply.

Address: From Somerville, 1 mi W of TX 36
Phone: 979-596-1622

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