Lake Travis Fishing Tips

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Largemouth bass anglers have their best success on this reservoir during the spring and fall months. Bass fishing from June through August can be difficult for even the most experienced anglers. Topwater baits such as Zara Spooks, Jumping Minnows, Pop- R\'s, and suspended jerkbaits are popular with bass anglers. Double willowleaf spinnerbaits with metal flake blades also work well. In Lake Travis, largemouth bass are famous for suspending over points and along drop-offs. Often a topwater, jerkbait, or spinnerbait pulled near the surface will call them to the top. During the spring, sight fishing for spawning bass is popular among anglers. A jerkbait pulled along the shoreline this time of the year will catch some of the bigger female bass that are waiting to go on the nest. In fall, a big topwater worked on windy main-lake points can be deadly for both numbers and quality-sized largemouth bass. For live-bait fishing, try minnows suspended under corks in the same places where an artificial would work.

For white and striped bass, fishing at night around the lighted boat docks in the lower end of the lake has become popular during winter months. White bass start to run up the major creek arms and into the Pedernales River on their annual spawning run starting in late February or early March. They may stay in these areas until May as they slowly trickle back to the main lake. Anglers can catch these fish using small spinners, jigs, and crankbaits. Striped bass anglers should concentrate their efforts in the lower lake from the dam to the mouth of Sandy Creek. In April and May, these fish often school to chase shad and can be caught using a topwater bait. During the summer, downrigging with bucktail jigs and trailers over submerged humps and deepwater points is often effective.

Blue catfish dominate the catfish population, but anglers can also find channel and flathead catfish. Stinkbait and cutbait work well for the blues and channels, while live bait is preferred for large flathead catfish.

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