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Lewis and Clark SRA Boating Boating on the lake covers the gamut from pontoons to high-powered speedboats to personal watercraft (PFC). In that portion of the spillway and tailrace of Gavins Point designated as the Tailwaters Area, speed in excess of 5 mph is prohibited and speed of all vessels must be reduced so the wash and wake will cause no discomfort, hazard, injury or damage to persons, vessels or property. The following areas are closed to all boating: (1) that part of the tailrace at the powerhouse from the draft tube deck downstream to the barrier cable (320 feet), (2) that part of the spillway discharge channel downstream for 450 feet while buoyed off, and (3) those areas upstream and downstream from the powerhouse draft tube in- takes and outlets marked by buoys, signs or both. Be safe not sorry - wear your life jacket when- ever you are on the water.

The marina offers full amenities for boaters, including a pump-out station and 24-hour gasoline, using a VISA or MasterCard. Boat slips are available for seasonal rental.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Address: 7 miles north of Crofton on NE Hwy 121
Phone: 402-388-4169
Fax: 402-388-4696
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