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Rattlesnake Pointe Pueblo Trail: Rattlesnake Point Pueblo was a medium-sized village that was home to about 15 families between AD 1325 and 1390. It was one story tall and had between 80 and 90 rooms. The pueblo was built and occupied by the ancestors of the Hopi, and perhaps other, Pueblo Indian groups. When occupied, the architecture would have resembled that of historic pueblo villages. The pueblo sat on a long ridge overlooking the Little Colorado River. The fertile floodplain along the river was almost certainly farmed by the people living at Rattlesnake Point. Complete trail guide offered in visitor center. Rooms from this 14th century ruin can be viewed from a short trail. Tours are available through the Ranger Station on a seasonal basis.

Historic villages, including Rattlesnake Point Pueblo, and the Lyman Lake rock art have continuing significance to contemporary Hopi people. They understand these sites as homes of their ancestors during their migrations and the petroglyphs as signs left by those migrating through the area. We ask that you help preserve these important pieces of heritage.

Peninsula Petroglyph Trail: This 1/4-mile self-guided trail is accessible from the campground and is open during daylight hours every day. The trail requires a mild climb.

Ultimate Petroglyph Trail: This 1/2-mile, steeper trail on the east side of the lake can only be accessed by boat. Tours are available through the Ranger Station on a seasonal basis. Trail ends at Ultimate Rock, a large petroglyph-covered boulder.

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