Melvern Wildlife Area

category : Hunting
There are over 13,500 acres available for hunting at Melvern Lake. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks manages 10,727 acres. The COE manages 2,792 acres.


  1. All parks and the marsh below the dam are closed to hunting with one exception. The west side of the state park (620 acres) is open for shotgun and archery hunting only. (Open October 16 - March 31 only)
  2. The Melvern Lake Wildlife Refuge is an approximately 1200 acre area that is closed to all activity from October 21 - January 15.
  3. All other project lands are open to public for hunting and trapping in accordance with all Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations.
  4. No permits are required to use duck blinds. However, no permanent blind structures are allowed.
  5. Steel shot must be used for all waterfowl hunting on project lands.
  6. All tree stands must be portable. No permanent tree stands are allowed.

Address: 6 miles N on Hwy 75 from I-35 Exit 155
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