Milford Hunting and Wildlife

category : Hunting
Many game species are present on Milford Wildlife Area. Known mainly for its quail and pheasant populations. The area also has huntable populations of wild turkey, dove, squirrel, coyote, cottontail rabbits, prairie chicken, ducks, and geese. Though populations fluctuate from year to year, all of these species provide area hunters with a challenging outdoor experience.

A permanent 1,103 acre wildlife refuge has been established on the northern end of the reservoir for waterfowl management. The public hunting areas and the refuge are clearly posted.

Milford Wildlife Area also provides thousands of acres for wildlife viewing by hikers and other wildlife area users.

More than 15,000 acres of land is available for public hunting at Milford. Hunters will enjoy a variety of game including quail, pheasant, prairie chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, and squirrel. Trappers are also active throughout the season in pursuit of raccoon, muskrat, beaver and other furbearers.

South of the dam, the Geary County Fish and Game Association leases land from the Corps for use by local sportsmen. The association provides a trap range, hunter safety courses and sporting demonstrations.

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