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2011 Milford Reservoir Fishing Forecast

WIPER— Good. 4.3 million fry were stocked in 2010, producing a fair year class without fingerling stockings. 55% of wipers sampled were over 15\", while numbers over 20\" increased to 18%. Trophy wiper over 25\" were not sampled. The possibility of catching a real trophy does still exist, though, and the lake record remains at 17lbs!!!

WHITE BASS— Fair/Good. White bass density decreased from 2009, which was the highest ever recorded for Milford. Numbers of white bass 9\"-12\" was 36%, though, double that of 2009. White bass 12\"-18\" were 33% of the sample, and the 2010 year class appears strong. Fall fishing in 2010 was excellent, and it should be worthwhile throughout 2011.

CATFISH— Good. Channel catfish abundance was highest for 17\"-24\" fish, and a good 2010 year class was also evident. The channel cat creel limit remains 10/day. Flathead numbers remain constant, and provide a quality angling opportunity. Flathead creel limit remains 5/day. Blue cat numbers were highest for 18\"-26\" individuals. Although only in its second year, the reduced creel limit on blues appears to be maintaining the numbers of brood fish. The blue catfish creel remains 5/day. The lake record blue cat still stands in the upper 50 lb range, and natural reproduction continues to maintain the population at desirable levels. Catfish anglers at Milford should have a productive 2011, with the chance of hooking into a real monster blue as good as ever, if not better.

BLACK BASS— Good. Largemouth abundance is slightly higher than the previous sample, with more 8\"-12\" fish and improved recruitment. Spotted bass abundance is still relatively low. Spots over 15\" are available for anglers primarily in the southern third of the reservoir. Smallmouth numbers are similar to the two previous samples, but those over 17\" are the most abundant since 2001. A new state record smallmouth bass of 6.88lbs was caught in 2010, with three others that broke the old record, also from Milford! Black bass anglers should again experience frequent success, with the chance of catching a trophy smallmouth or spotted bass a real possibility. (15 inch length limit)

WALLEYE— Fair/Good. Legal fish over 18\" increased, for only the third time in the last 10 years, though. 30% of walleye sampled were over 18\", with 11% over 20\". 4.5 million fry and 128,000 fingerlings were stocked in 2010, resulting in a poor year class as of fall sampling. Legal and sub-legal walleye, 34% between 15\"-18\", should provide good fishing in 2011, and with good growth, should allow for ample harvest. (18 inch length limit)

CRAPPIE— Good. Crappie abundance increased due to the numbers of 5\"-8\" fish, however few were over 12\". 22% sampled were over 10\", though. The 2010 and\'09 year classes are good, but below the 2007 and 2008 year classes that were the best ever recorded. These 4 year classes should provide good angling during the Spring spawn, and during the Fall transition period, as in late 2010. Milford anglers should have good success during the prime crappie periods in 2011.

Thanks to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism - Fishing

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