Milford Trails

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Milford Trails Pipeline Trail - The beginning of a segmented trail system that links all of our campgrounds together and acts as a shortcut between areas.

Waterfall Trail - A .6 mile walk that leads you through woodland and prairie habitats. A man made waterfall and pond is located at the trailhead.

Crystal Trail - This trail is 2.2 miles. It passes by an old quarry where small geode rocks can be found. Deer viewing is good along open fields and by food plots. Bald Eagle watching is excellent from November through March along the water's edge.

Eagle Ridge Equestrian Trail - Over 8 miles of horseback riding on some of the most scenic and diverse areas that Milford Lake has to offer.

Wildlife Viewing Tower and Trail - The tower is accessed from a wrap-around staircase, which rises 21' to the top platform. Excellent wildlife viewing is made available with nearby food plots. The best time to visit is near dusk and dawn when most animals are active. Stargazing is excellent on clear nights. Bring your binoculars!

Old River Bluff Trail - 1.5 miles. This trail joins Milford State Parks's Eagle Ridge Trail with Junction City's Riverwalk Trail. The trail allows for a one way trail ride, trail walk or bike ride of 17.5 miles. Since it is a linear trail, it requires that ou come back the way you came so the distance will actually double. A trailer parking area is available below the dam. Look for a horse trail campground in the near future that will make all three of these trails even nicer.

Address: 5 miles north of Junction City on Hwy 57
Phone: 785-238-5714

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