Navajo Lake, NM

This 15,000-surface-acre lake dominates water recreation in the Four Corners Area. The main body is formed at the confluence of the Pine River flowing from the north, San Juan River from the northeast and France Creek from the east. A paved ramp serves boaters where the Pine River enters the main body and at Sims Mesa facing the San Juan Arm.

Explore some of the many side canyon primitive areas. Evidence of some of the earliest known villages in the Southwest are found in the area. The varied terrain and vegetation attracts all kinds of creatures. Watch for sun-basking lizards in summer and soaring bald eagles in winter.

Navajo Lake Marina is open year-round on weekdays and is near the Pine River ramp. Visitors can rent jet skis, houseboats, ski boats, fishing boats and pontoon boats. Telephone: (505) 632-3245

Sims Mesa Marina has a working barge, store, and rents fishing and pontoon boats. Open April through October and off-season by request. Telephone: (505) 320-0885 or (505) 320-0059.

Swimming and other water sports are pursued from early June to early September. Popular activities include waterskiing and jetskiing in all open areas. Lots of houseboats are on the water.

Boat camping - where tents and supplies are carried by boat to remote spots - is very popular early June to early September.

Lake Amenities


Lake Information

Location: Located 5 miles north of U.S. 64 via N.M. 539

Contact: 1448 N.M. 511 #1
Navajo Dam, NM 87419