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Pomme de Terre Fishing Pomme de Terre Lake is known for its excellent fishing. Good strings of crappie, black bass, white bass, bluegill, and channel cat are commonly taken from the lake. Pomme de Terre Lake is also noted for its muskie fishing. Muskellunge have been stocked in the lake regularly since 1966 and fisherman have an opportunity to catch trophy-sized muskie.

A special program at Pomme de Terre Lake is the fisheries habitat program. The program was initiated in the mid 1980's and since that time hundreds of cedar tree brush piles have been established. These brush piles provide smaller fish with loafing areas and cover from predators. They also provide excellent areas in which to fish. A map showing the location of these structures can be obtained by writing or calling the lake's USCOE office.

A fishing pier and marina are features on the Pittsburg side of the State Park.

There are a total of four paved boat launch ramps at Pomme de Terre State Park. On the Hermitage side of Pomme de Terre Lake, one is located at the campground and the other is off of the Highway 64 and RD Road entrance to the north side of the park. On the Pittsburg side, there is a boat launch located at the State Park Marina and one by the open picnic shelter. There are no launch fees in the park.

Boat launching ramps are available in all Corps parks with the exception of Damsite. A day use fee of $3.00 is required at Nemo, Lightfoot and Wheatland Parks.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: Year Round
Address: 5 miles S of Hermitage on MO Hwy 254
Phone: 417-745-6411
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Contact numbers for Pomme de Terre State Park:
(417) 852-4291 (Pittsburg), (417) 745-6909 (Hermitage).

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