Skiatook Lake Fishing

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Skiatook Lake provides some of the best bass fishing this country has ever known! From the lake's deep main body to the uplake flats, bass fishermen are continually rewarded for their efforts. The water is sparkling clear blue all year long because there are no farmland tributaries. And no wastes or chemicals find their way into Skiatook Lake - keeping the lake in perfect ecological balance. Releases of water through the dam maintain water quality downstream and improve certain types of fishing. The lake is host to many fishing tournaments throughout the year.

When Skiatook Lake was formed, very little of the land was cleared, leaving the lake with ample cover for many years to come and providing the perfect natural habitat for the country's number one game fish. With the native blackjack trees affording some of the most impenetrable cover possible, multitudes of fish live in an undisturbed habitat - having never seen a hook!

It has been reported that Skiatook Lake is becoming a hot spot for smallmouth bass, especially for the big brownies. Tournament records have shown smallmouth bass in the five-pound range. Other sport fish include black and white crappie, channel catfish, and several species of sunfish, or lake perch.

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