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The gently rolling terrain of the Verdigris River Valley marks the northern reaches of the physiographic region known to early pioneers as the Cross Timbers area, so named for the stands of post and blackjack oak that they passed through on their westward journeys. This section of the Verdigris River was also a favorite camping and hunting grounds for Native Americans of the Osage Nation.

Project lands are open for public hunting, except for developed recreational areas and lands in the vicinity of the dam and other project structures. Principal wildlife species in the area include bobwhite quail, squirrel, cottontail rabbit, deer, mourning dove, ducks, geese and greater prairie chicken.

Duck Island and the upper half of the lake totaling 4,366 acres (both land and water), have been licensed to the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission. The area is managed primarily for public hunting of upland game, waterfowl and deer.

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