Truman Lake Equestrian Trails

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Truman Lake Equestrian Trails Trail riders will find nearly 50 miles of developed trails to explore at Truman Lake. The most extensive trail system is located adjacent to Berry Bend Equestrian Campground. There is approximately 37 miles of trail leading from Berry Bend Equestrian Campground. The trail is divided into two separate loops: the West Trail and the East Trail. Mile markers have been installed to aid users in determining their distance from Berry Bend Equestrian. Riders and hikers have several options for trips of varying lengths. The West Trail traverses many steep ridges and valleys. It is a challenge to both horse and rider. The East Trail is somewhat more level and overlooks the lake in several areas. It is recommended that your animal be in good riding condition and be adequately shod to provide protection from the rocky terrain.

The Berry Bend Equestrian Campground is designated for equestrian use only and is open year round. The campground is undoubtedly one of the finest in the country. Facilities include a shower building with laundry facilities, sanitary dump station, 89 campsites with fire rings, picnic tables, lantern hangers, and children's playground. Electrical hookups are available at 24 sites and all season water hydrants are scattered throughout the campground. Corrals and overhead tie posts are located at some of the campsites. Individual sites are available on a first come/first serve and reservation basis. All equine using the campground must have a negative coggins test and out of state horses must also have health papers. To reserve a campsite call toll free 1-877-444-6777 or make your reservation on line at:

The Smith Bend Equestrian Trail is an another trail system, located across the lake approximately 12 miles southwest of Berry Bend North. Smith Bend trails contain 13 miles of developed trails and a parking lot at the trailhead.

Visitors should maximize their safety and enjoyment by avoiding the peak hunting seasons, as all trails are located on lands open for public hunting. The trails are designated for equestrian and hiking only. Wheeled vehicles, including mountain bikes, are not permitted.


1. The Berry Bend Equestrian Campground is for equestrian campers only. Equestrian day users should unload horses and access trails at Shelter #1 located on the main entrance road.
2. All horses entering the campground must have a VS Form 10-11 showing proof of a negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test within the past 12 months. Horses from out of state must have an official certificate of veterinary inspection (health certificate).
3. Horse trailers may not be cleaned out at the dump station.
4. All pets must be kept out of the shower building.
5. Horses must be tethered so they cannot bark the trees.
6. All refuse must be cleaned from campsite and corrals and taken to the compost piles located in the park.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: Year Round
Address: 1.5 miles NW of Warsaw off Hwy 83
Phone: 660-438-7317
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