Waconda Lake Fishing

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Waconda Lake Fishing Fishing is generally good for most species, primarily in the spring, fall, and winter.

Walleye are more susceptible to anglers in the spring when they enter their most active feeding period. Anchoring or drifting shallow water near drop offs using jigs tipped with worms is most productive. Trolling with hot-n-tots and shadraps is also popular with local anglers.

White Bass can be caught year round. Winter ice fishing, spring spawning, summertime night fishing under floating lights, and fall fishing along rocky shorelines all provide for seasonal opportunities

Channel and Flathead Catfish numbers are strong and will provide for quality angling the entire year.

Crappie numbers fluctuate with water levels and quality, habitat and other environmental factors. Look for crappie to congregate near brush piles, fish attractors and other forms of structures.

Striped Bass are stocked in low numbers every three years to provide for shad and rough fish control, as well as trophy fishing.

Catchable size Rainbow Trout will be stocked each fall into the stilling basin and Park Pond to provide for seasonal "put-n-take" fishing.

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