Natural Falls State Park, OK

Natural Falls State Park, Oklahoma

Once privately owned and operated as a tourist attraction, this park was used in the production of the 1970s film, "Where The Red Fern Grows." During the 1980s the private park was closed and many of the buildings and recreational facilities fell into disrepair. In 1990, The Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department purchased the 120-acre park with the hope of one day restoring it for public benefit. With funding assistance from area legislators, donations from local citizens, and the hard work of park employees, Natural Falls has once again become a recreational destination.

One of the most unique features of this state park is the presence of a 77-foot high waterfall that drops from the top of the park to a clear pool of water at its base.

Flora - The park affords an opportunity to observe a variety of plant and animal life. Natural Falls State Park is located within the Ozark Highlands region of Oklahoma. On the dry, rocky ridgetop portion of the park are post oak, blackjack oak, and stunted grasses which struggle to survive on the thin soil. However, as one travels down the trail that ends at the bottom of the waterfall, a totally different plant community is encountered. A dense forest of maples, chinquapin and white oaks, plants such as flowering dogwood, sassafras, coral berry, spice bush, redbud and pawpaw blanket the cool forest floor. The waterfall creates a moist environment where ferns, mosses and liverworts thrive.

Wildlife - Natural Falls is typical of the geology of the Ozark Highlands. Moving water creates caves and sinkholes to form in the limestone rock that is found here. Such wildlife as whitetail deer, grey squirrel, raccoon, opossum, skunk, beaver, fox bobcat, coyote, and a number of hawk and owl species find plenty of food and shelter here. The caves of this region are extremely important for the survival species of bats and salamanders.

Fees - Natural Falls State Park is an entrance fee park, due to the demands of keeping this unique park in its natural state as an environmental park. Day users will be charged $3.00 per vehicle, up to six persons - additional persons in vehicle will be assessed $.50 per person. School busses conducting educational field trips will be charged $10.00 per bus. This day-use fee is waived for overnight campers. These fees are used for the park's maintenance and improvement needs. (Fees subject to change)

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Natural Falls State Park Campgrounds

Natural Falls Camping
Natural Falls State Park has 44 RV campsites with water and electric hookups; 34 with 30 amp, 10 with 50 amp, and 10 are pull-thru sites. These sites have cement pads, tables, and grills. In addition, there are 30 tent sites available. A comfort station with showers is also available.

The park closes at dark to day-use only visitors; Park office open 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, year round; Campgrounds are open 24 hours, year round.

Picnicking - There is a picnic area adjacent to the grotto, with tables and grills, set aside for the day-use visitor. While you're picnicking, relax and enjoy the serenity of the grotto and falls area. Take a leisurely walk along the park's pathways and boardwalks to fully enjoy this natural splendor. Don't forget to bring your camera, and plenty of film.

Natural Falls State Park Fishing

Natural Falls Fishing
Above Natural Falls State Park natural springwaters flow into a common stream, creating a cascading 77 foot waterfall. At the base of the falls, the transparent waters pool before spilling into a nearly 4.5 acre lake downstream that offers catch-and-release fishing.

Natural Falls State Park Trails

Natural Falls Trails
Aside from the prestigious falls at Natrual Falls State Park, visitors and campers enjoy nearly a mile and a half of walking trails The formal gardens area offers the ideal setting for an outdoor wedding.