Robber's Cave State Park, OK

Robber's Cave State Park, Oklahoma

Dawn's sunlight creeps cautiously through the pines in the forest as if reluctant to wake the ghosts of sleeping outlaws. These are the San Bois Mountains, the secret heart of one of Oklahoma's last refuges for desperadoes like the James Brothers and Belle Starr. Robbers Cave State Park is a retreat from the frenzy of the modern world. Here you'll find a wealth of history, the beauty of nature and quiet broken only by the cry of a bluejay or the crack of a branch snapped by a startled deer.

Visitors find all sorts of ways to get acquainted with Robbers Cave State park. There are 12 miles of hiking trails from www.outdoorclub.orgwoodland rambles to rocky scrambles. Adventurous explorers will want to climb the path to "The Cave" and above the lookout and its spectacular view of the valley and pine-covered mountains. Rappellers take advantage of the steep cliff to practice their sport. Adjacent the park is a Wildlife Management Area with 3,800 acres of forested hunting ground.

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Robber's Cave State Park Nature Centers

Robber's Cave SP Nature Center
Robber's Cave SP Nature CenterHoused in a natural stone bathhouse built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the nature center offers living displays of native animals and a schedule of activities. Whether it's listening to legends of Native Americans in the area, taking foliage walks or building a birdhouse, there is always plenty going on. The park's naturalist is an excellent guide for haunted cave tours, interpretive hikes and many other fun-filled programs. Also located in the building is the gift shop which is well-supplied with books and pamphlets on area history and legends, nature guides, tee-shirts and trinkets.

Robber's Cave State Park Hiking Trails

Robber's Cave SP Nature Trails
Robber's Cave SP Nature TrailsTrails which lead through the short-leaf pine forest appeal to birders and other nature lovers. Robbers Cave is home to cardinals, chickadees, titmice, bluejays and other Oklahoma songbirds. Careful observers may catch a glimpse of the park's most unusual avian inhabitant, the pileated woodpecker. Larger birds include wild turkeys, black and turkey vultures, and occasionally, bad eagles. White-tailed deer also inhabit the woods, along with squirrels, raccoons, opossum, foxes, and coyotes. More illusive species like the bobcat and black bear are rarely seen, but live as secretly as the old outlaws.

There are many ideal rock climbing/rappelling areas, and hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding trails. The adjoining wildlife area contains over 25 miles of trails (many are closed during hunting seasons).

Robber's Cave State Park Equestrian

Robber's Cave SP Equestrian Trails
Robber's Cave SP Equestrian TrailsFor those who want to explore on horseback, Robbers Cave State Park has nearly 50 miles of marked trails. The equestrian campground offers riders a place to camp and tie their horses after a day of trailriding. Starr D Outfitters and Riding Stables, located in the park, has horses for rent and organizes outings including trail rides, chuckwagon rides, and overnight camping trips.

Also contact D bar T stables in Robbers Cave State Park at 918-465-5770 at

Robber's Cave State Park Campgrounds

Robber's Cave SP Camping
Robber's Cave SP CampingCampers have many facilities from which to choose. There are five campgrounds with 122 sites ranging from modern with pull-throughs to unimproved. Riders can take advantage of the special accommodation in the equestrian campground. For those who really like to rough it, there are three primitive camps. For large groups, there are two groups camps housing 160 and 250 people respectively. The group camps are open from April 1 until October 31. Each camp has a fully-equipped central kitchen and comfort stations with shower facilities. Reservations for modern and semi-modern RV spaces and group camps can be made up to one year in advance.

In peak season campsites range from $18 for a preferred location RV site w/all hookups, to $13 to $16 for a site w/water & electric hookups, to $7 for tent or primitive campsites. $5 non-refundable reservation fee.

The Group Camp Facilities (1 accommodates 250, the other 160) are $225 per day for up to 50 occupants, additional persons are $3 each per day. Call about rental rates for canoes & paddle boats.
Swimming pool fee runs from $1 to $5. Amphitheatre is $50 per day--lights, sound extra.

Robber's Cave State Park Cabins

Robber's Cave SP Cabins
Robber's Cave SP CabinsTucked into the woods at Robber's Cave State Park are 26 rustic cabins. 19 are designed to sleep four people. Eight of these cabins are duplexes (two connecting), making them handy for larger families or groups. There are seven cabins with two bedrooms which will accommodate six apiece. Each has a fully furnished kitchen and woodburning fireplace and air conditioning. Alarm clock, coffee maker, cooking utensils, and linens are provided.
The are no telephones and no televisions in the cabins. This is truly an escape to serenity!

Cabins are $53 - $68 for a one bedroom, or $78 - $88 for a two bedroom. One-bedroom honeymoon cabins are $88/night.

Cabin #5 is handicapped accessible, but cabin office is not.

Robber's Cave State Park Resorts

Robber's Cave SP Lodge
Brand-new Belle Starr Lodge blends into its hilltop setting with its green-stained wood construction and tree trunk pillars. Every room commands an impressive view of Coon Creek Lake and the valley below. Small patios with furniture make this an ideal spot to enjoy morning coffee. Each of the lodges's twenty attractively-decorated rooms has a coffee maker and television. Two of the rooms are designed for handicapped accessibility. Butterfield Pine, a common room, is ideal for meetings and family reunions.

Robber's Cave State Park Natural Attractions

Robber's Cave
Robber's CaveOnce the home of prehistoric tribal groups, the area later became the hunting ground for Caddo and Osage Indians who then traded with the French fur trappers that began making their way through the area. Outlaw legends began to grow around a robbers' cave during the Civil War when deserters from both Union and Confederate forces used it. After the war, guerilla bands and gangs of robbers made it a rendezvous between raids. Down nearby Fourche Maline river ran what came to be known as "Robbers' Trail" - associated with such names as the Youngers, Frank and Jesse James, and Belle Starr (who had a cabin 20 miles to the north). The cave's secluded and rugged location and general proximity to the Texas and California Roads and the old Butterfield Stage Line, made it an ideal outlaw hideout for many years.

The cave itself lies hidden in a formation of sandstone hills and cliffs from 300 to 1500 feet in height. A fresh water spring flowed through it, providing water, and a natural stone corral at the base of the cliff held the outlaws' horses. A hidden exit allowed them to escape unnoticed.

Robber's Cave State Park Fishing

Robber's Cave Fishing
Robber's Cave FishingFishing is popular in the park's three lakes - Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace, and Coon Creek Lake. Catches include largemouth bass, black and white crappie, perch, bluegill, sunfish, and catfish. The record fish is a 12 pound, five ounce largemouth bass caught in 1997. From November 1 until March 15, trout fishermen head for Fourche Mailine Creek to vie for rainbows. Oklahoma fishing licenses and trout stamps are available at the park grocery. Small boats are allowed on all three lakes, with boat ramps on Lake Carlton and Lake Wayne Wallace. During the summer season, canoes for fishing or boating, yakanoes and paddleboats can be rented.

Robber's Cave State Park Rappelling

Robber's Cave SP Rock Climbing
Robber's Cave SP Rock ClimbingThere are many ideal rock climbing/rappelling areas at Robber's Cave State Park along with hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding trails. The adjoining wildlife area contains over 25 miles of trails (many are closed during hunting seasons).

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