Arizona Famous People

  • Major John Wesley Powell

    It was 1869. Ten men in four boats were about to embark on a journey that would cover almost 1,000

  • Marty Robbins Glendale Exhibit House

    Marty Robbins Glendale Exhibit House

    Visit this unique museum honoring Glendale born and country music legend, Marty Robbins. The "Marty Robbins Glendale Exhibit" opened on April 2, 2003

  • E. Bowman, PRCA Champ

    E. Bowman, PRCA Champ

    Everett Bowman made Wickenburg his home after a highlighted career as a World Champion, All-Around Cowboy. Born in Hope, New Mexico in July, 1899, Everett Bowman was World Champion in 1935 - 1937;

  • Zane Grey Country

    Zane Grey Country

    Under the Tonto Rim, Code of the West, To the Last Man