Arizona Monuments

  • Montezuma Castle National Monument

    Montezuma Castle National Monument

    This 12TH Century Sinagua Cliff Dwelling is the best preserved in all of North America. This 5 story, 20 room dwelling served as a "high rise apartment building" for prehistoric Sinagua Indians over 6

  • Yuma Landing

    The first plane to land on Arizona soil dropped out of the sky into a ball park between 1st and 3rd Streets on 4th Avenue, October 25, 1911. Robert G. "Bob" Fowler was flying a Wright model B, 30

  • Cochise Stronghold

    Cochise Stronghold stands as a monument to one of the greatest Apache Chiefs, Cochise who often hid in this box canyon. The Cochise Stronghold includes a 5

  • Poston Memorial Monument

    This monument marks the site of the Poston War Relocation Center where 17,867

  • Tom Mix Monument

    Tom Mix Monument

    October 12, 1940