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Barren River Lake Hunting There are 10,000 acres of federal lands at Barren River Lake and approximately 8,000 acres are available for all types of hunting. The Corps of Engineers has leased this land and the 10,000 acres of water to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife for management of the fisheries and wildlife. The leased land is referred to as a WMA (Wildlife Management Area). Kentucky Hunting Regulations are enforced on Corps of Engineers Lands at Barren.

Much of the lake is bordered by private land, and require written permission from the landowner for visitors to cross their land to access federal land. A boat is an excellent way to access most of the available hunting areas at Barren.

No Hunting Areas are closed to all types of hunting and are recreation areas: Barren River Lake State Resort Park and the Girl Scout leased area on Cooks Creek. State and local restrictions may also apply.

Public Hunting Areas
There are seven Public Hunting Areas or WMAs at Barren. The islands and Peninsula WMA are primitive weapons only: bow, crossbow and muzzleloader. The Public Hunting Areas are large tracts of land, several hundred acres each, that have a public roadway access point. These accessible areas are good areas for hunting; however, they do receive heavy use, especially during the weekends of deer hunting gun seasons.

There are two free maps available at the Corps Office that will help in locating areas for hunting. To become familiar with Barren River Lake plan a scouting trip. Contact information for the Barren River Lake Project Office is on the menu bar to the right.

Remember, written permission is required to hunt on or to cross private property.

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