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Cave Run Lake Boating Boating is one of the more popular activities at Cave Run Lake. Whether operating a power boat, sailboat, canoe or kayak, the waters of Cave Run Lake have a place for all boaters.

Warning to boaters - Submerged Timber: During the construction of Cave Run Lake, a plan was formulated that departed from the usual practice of cutting all the trees below the summer pool elevation of the lake. Trees were left standing in several areas of the lake to provide enhanced habitat for fish and other aquatic life. The submerged trees are partly responsible for the lake's excellent sport fishery. However, boating in these areas requires caution as many of the submerged trees may not be visible above the lake's surface. To request a lake brochure with a map showing the areas of the lake with submerged timber, write to or call the Corps of Engineers Office at Cave Run Lake, or send an E-mail request to the Cave Run Lake Pagemaster.

Boat Ramp Site Parking and Launching Fees: Visitors to Cave Run Lake will be required to purchase a pass to use certain Forest Service boat launch parking areas and ramps. The passes can be purchased at the U.S. Forest Service Visitor Center on Kentucky Highway 801 South and from many commercial vendors in the lake area. Notice: The Annual Day Use Passes purchased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are not valid at any of the Forest Service boat launching sites on Cave Run Lake.

Marinas: There are two modern marinas on Cave Run Lake, the Scott Creek Marina and the Longbow Marina.

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