Dodge Co. Historic Sites

category : National Register
Dodge Co. Historic Sites

Dodge - Town Hall - 1896

Fremont - Nye House (May Museum - 1874) - NHR; Schneider House - NHR (1887); Bullock House - NHR (1869); McDonald House - NHR (1888); Turner House - NHR (1868); Opera House- NHR; Ideal building - NHR (1884); Commercial District - NHR; Barnard Park District - NHR; Old Post Office - NHR; Courthouse - NHR (1918)

- Dodge County Poor Farm - From 1884 to 1945, this farm housed more than 400 poor and aged. Tours of the site show the original barn, water tower and ice house, and include a history of the farm. Exotic animals, including four-horned Jacob's sheep, pygmy goats, and several species of pheasants at the farm. 402-721-8087.

Hooper - Hooper Historic District - Consisting almost entirely of one and two-story brick commercial buildings located along Hooper's main street. A well-preserved village of "American Renaissance" architecture. - NHR

North Bend - Carnegie Library-NHR - Dedicated in 1915, this is a typical example of a small town library in the early twentieth century.

- Alexander Thomas Barn - This huge red-and-white candy-striped building was built in 1888 without nails, wooden pegs held, and continue to hold, the building together. 4 miles north of North Bend on Hwy 79.

Scribner - Harder Hotel-NHR - Constructed in 1901, this building is significant for its association with the commercial development of the town.

- Musbach Museum - Housed in the historic 1884 Mulligan Hardware building, the museum features special programs and displays throughout the year. Open by appointment. 402-664-2788. Main and Howard Streets

Snyder - Schneider's Opera House-NHR - The two-story brick building was constructed in 1900-1901 for Conrad Schneider.

Uehling - Uehling Barn-NHR - Built in 1918, the wood-frame barn is one of a small number of "round" barns in Nebraska. Located on a hill overlooking the town of Uehling.

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