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Folsom Lake Camping Folsom Lake has three campgrounds -- Beal's Point and Peninsula campgrounds which are located on Folsom Lake and Negro Bar campground at Lake Natoma. Beal's Point and Negro Bar are developed campgrounds; Beal's Point is open year round. Peninsula is a remote campground which can be subject to winter and/or road closures. Campsite reservations are made by reservation only during the on-season. In the off-season campsite availability is first-come, first-served.

Beal's Point
Located just north of Folsom Dam, Beal's Point has 69 family campsites that will accommodate trailers and motor homes up to 31 feet long. Hookups are not provided in individual campsites, but there is a trailer dump station. Piped drinking water and wheelchair accessible rest rooms with showers are available.

This secluded campground is located near the end of the peninsula between the north and south forks of the American River. You can reach the area by boat or you can drive in ten miles from the little town of Pilot Hill on Highway 49. The campground has 100 family campsites that will accommodate trailers up to 18 feet in length and motor homes up to 24 feet. Hookups are not provided at the individual campsites, but there is a sanitary dump station. Flush toilets and piped drinking water are available. There are two launch ramps and a day-use area near the campground. You can also camp ashore with your boat at Peninsula campground in a designated campsite. You will be required to beach the bow of your boat and anchor off the stern. A secure tie-up is essential as the wind often rises during the night.

Negro Bar
Two group campgrounds located at Negro Bar can accommodate up to 50 people each. A third group camp is designed for 25 people.

Avery Pond
Folsom Lake has two hike-in environmental campsites at Avery's Pond. Each site will hold a maximum of 8 people. Parking for the campsites is at Rattlesnake Bar; the campsites are approximately 1.1 miles up the trail to Avery's Pond. The environmental sites do not have water or trash cans. Dogs and fires are not permitted.

Boat Camping

On board camping is allowed on vessels that have a self-contained sanitary unit.
A self contained sanitary unit must be Coast Guard approve, have a holding tank that has a tight and perfect closure at all times, and is installed in a location that affords complete privacy for it's user. Waste must be dumped at an appropriate onshore facility. The vessel must also have proper sleeping accommodations for all persons on board.

All boat campers must register at either the Granite Bay enterance station or the main office building at Folsom Lake Marina, located in Brown's Ravine. Boats will be inspected to verify that it meets all regulations. A boat camping registration box is located at the front door of the marina and may be used to register for boat camping, when the marina office is closed.

On board boat camping is allowed only in the following areas:

South Fork...Deep Ravine to Higgins Point

North Fork...Bear Cove to Mormon Ravine

Brown's Ravine...Slip renters at the marina are allowed to camp on their boats in their slips overnight, however, they must register to do so.

Admission: State park fees apply
Address: 20 m NE of Sacramento via Hwy US 50
Phone: 916-988-0205

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