Texas Historic Markers

  • Texas Agriculture Experiment Station

    Established in 1905 stemming from a request by local farmers due to a lack of feed grains available to the region, this station'

  • Crazy Water Well

    Historical marker at intersection of U.S. 281/180

  • Famous Mineral Water Company

    Founded in 1904 by Edward P. Dismuke, The Famous Mineral Water Pavilion and Gardens is the only company still bottling the historic healing waters that made Mineral Wells famous in the early 1900s.

  • Thomas Cree's Little Tree

    Set behind protective fence at south edge of U.S. 60

  • Battle of Adobe Walls

    Site where two famous Indian battles were fought. Col. Kit Carson (in his last fight) and his U.S. troops in 1864

  • Camp Ford

    A historical marker identifies largest prisoner of war compound used for union troops west of the Mississippi. Replica of prisoner of war cabins, hiking trails and storyboards. Open daily. Hwy. 271

  • Old Rusk Penitentiary Bldg.

    Central administration building of present Rusk State Hospital built as main building of former Rusk State Prison, 1878

  • Witness Park and Prayer Tower

    A gift to the city from businessman Bo Pilgrim, the tower features four Paccard bells from France and a chapel that never closes. The 75-foot tower'