Illinois Memorials

  • WWI Victory Memorial

    The WWI Victory Memorial monument to Vermilion County's World War I veterans was sculpted by Lorado Taft. Its base displays the names of 51

  • World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial

    World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial

    The focal point of the World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial is a globe of the world symbolizing the conflict that involved more than 200 nations. More than 70

  • Illinois Korean War Memorial

    Illinois Korean War Memorial

    Octagon granite walls provide the foundation for the names of 1,752

  • Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    This powerful granite monument and it's eternal flame pay tribute to the 2,981 Illinois residents who served in the Vietnam War and died or are still missing.

  • Lincoln Monument

    This memorial commemorates Lincoln's 1832 service in the Black Hawk War and consists of a full-length bronze figure of Lincoln as a 23

  • Soldiers Memorials

    The Civil War Soldiers Monument on the southwest corner was dedicated in 1871 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. It is made of Joliet marble with a 12

  • Field Of Honor Veterans Memorial

    Field Of Honor Veterans Memorial

    Just north of city hall stands the Field Of Honor Veterans memorial consisting of five vertical limestone columns and eight bronze statues before a series of 40

  • Norwegian Settlers Memorial

    This memorial commemorates the 1834 settlement at Norway, Ilinois - the first permanent Norwegian settlement in the Midwest. The monument was dedicated as part of a 1934

  • Lovejoy Memorial

    Lovejoy Memorial

    The Lovejoy State Memorial of granite and bronze commemorates abolitionist newspaper editor, Elijah P. Lovejoy, who was killed by a mob while defending his printing press at Alton on November 7, 1837

  • Governor Coles Memorial

    Edward Coles was the second governor of Illinois (1822-1826). A former slaveowner from Virginia, Coles became an abolitionist and won the 1822

  • Lewis and Clark Memorial

    This memorial commemorates Camp Dubois, the 1803-4

  • Miller Park Pavilion

    This unique landmark was restored in 1977. The Korean/ Vietnam War Memorial was dedicated in May of 1988

  • Campbell's Island Memorial

    The Campbell's Island Memorial is a granite monument dedicated in 1908 to the 16 Americans who died during a day-long attack from a pro-British band of Sauk Indians at Campbell'