Immigrant House

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Immigrant House In October of 1874, a group of 35 Mennonite
families fled persecution in South Russia and settled in
the area of Henderson. That first winter was a hard
one, as many of the immigrants were forced to live in
a large building named "the Immigrant House" - living
and working together to form their own community.
Today, their descendants are in the process of paying
tribute to these people through a dream of recreating
that community so many years ago.

The Mennonite tradition continues in the city of Henderson, as the city has many traditional evens. A
semi-annual bus tour is taken in the area, visiting the original homesteads of the Mennonites and some
unincorporated, unmarked cemeteries left by the earlier Mennonites. Some of these cemeteries can be
found in the middle of cornfields, and some graves are unmarked along present-day yards and fields.
Although unmarked, they are respected and revered as those who came before them to make a better

An authentic German smorgasbord is prepared each year, and an old-time threshing bee also takes

A 1900 house is restored to its original state and depicts a farmhouse as it was in 1900.

Address: Henderson - Just north of York

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