Jesus Preciado de Luna/Bernardina Lorona House

category : Historic Homes
Jesus Preciado de Luna/Bernardina Lorona House This is the Historic District's finest example of a Sonoran corner-style row house. Its street facades are flush with the property line and the wings are one room deep. Always used as a residence, it was built in 1880 by Juan Luna, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The title was in his wife's name, Jesus Preciado de Luna. This was an old Spanish custom, "the wife always owned the was the polite thing to do."

Santiago Lorona, member of an early and prominent Florence family, purchased the house in 1904. It remained the Lorona family residence for many decades, with title held in the name, of course, of Santiago's wife, Bernardina.

The building's exterior walls are stucco on adobe and serve to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter and summer. The courtyard patio is a cool and private respite from the afternoon heat. Owner Annette McDougall will welcome you on your visit.

Address: 115 E. 11th Street

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