Lahontan State Recreation Area

category : Camping
This recreation area is open all year with maximum use during the late spring and through summer. Primary activities are boating, water skiing, fishing and camping. The climate is typical of the northern Nevada desert region. Rainfall is slight, averaging less than six inches annually. Sunny skies are the rule, with summer daytime temperatures near 90 degrees. However, nights may be very cool. The spread between day and night temperatures may exceed 50 degrees.

Silver Springs Beach #7 offers developed campground facilities, with modern restrooms, tables and grills, for those visitors who desire a less primitive-type camping experience. Primitive on-the-beach camping is permitted in all areas except for day use and boat ramp areas. Please note that the developed campground facilities are closed in the winter and early spring months due to freezing temperatures.

Picnicking : There are two developed picnicking (day use) areas at Lahontan: One located directly across Lahontan Dam and one on Silver Springs Beach. Facilities include modern restrooms, tables, and grills. All new facilities will have an area which are easily accessible to handicapped visitors.

Admission: Park Entrance Fee Required
Address: 18 miles west of Fallon via U.S. Hwy 50
Phone: 775-867-3500
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