Kansas Historic Homes

  • Sterrett House

    Sterrett House

    A two-story, brick home dating to the 1860s.

  • Sears Roebuck and Co. House

    Sears Roebuck and Co. House

    A Sears Roebuck and Co. concrete block house was featured in the 1908 General Catalog for $1,995.00

  • Honnell House

    At 1020 East 8th Street stands the most historical house in Horton. The house was built in 1886 by the C.R.I. &

  • South Koester House - Restaurant

    South Koester House - Restaurant

    The newest house in the historic Koester Block was built circa 1904-1906 and is now a restaurant.

  • Pusch-Randell-Anderson Home

    Pusch-Randell-Anderson Home

    [Pusch-Randell-Anderson Home] Just east of the Historic Koester Block is one of Marysville's finest houses, the F.S. "Bud" Anderson home. Built in 1904

  • Hutchinson House

    Hutchinson House

    The Hutchinson House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built by Perry Hutchinson in 1872, this French Renaissance architectural style home is now a private residence.

  • The Mills House

    The Mills House

    William M. Mills, an oilman from Pennsylvania, drilled over 400 oil and gas wells in his lifetime. He drilled the Norman #1

  • Hanson-Lindfors Home

    Hanson-Lindfors Home

    This 16 room Victorian house was built in 1888

  • Port Library

    Port Library

    The Port Library was built as a home of the late Mrs. Emma Port in 1916 and donated to the City of Beloit in 1931

  • Marshall-Yohe House

    Marshall-Yohe House

    The Marshall-Yohe House is a Victorian mansion with original furnishings including hand-painted dolls and china. Forty-five minute guided tours are available.

  • Heym-Oliver House

    Heym-Oliver House

    A renovated "post rock" limestone family home, showing a different style of sawn limestone. Located on "historic" Kansas Street.

  • Ingleboro


    J.R. Burrows, a banker, built the mansion in 1883

  • Historic Lackman-Thompson Estate

    Historic Lackman-Thompson Estate

    The promise of opportunity and freedom brought many brave individuals to American shores in the late 1800s, including German immigrants, Margaretha and William Lackman. Their hope:

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    The Marion Historic Committee has prepared a tour of designated historic homes within the city. These homes range in design of the oldest cut stone of the Wm. Kellison Home dating 1879

  • The Carriage House

    The Carriage House, built in the early 1800s was the first brick home built in Oxford. John J. Hahn was the first of several owners.

  • The Humphrey House

    The Humphrey Home was built by former slaves in 1867 following the Civil War. The walls of the home are 16

  • Cranmer House

    Cranmer House

    One Conway Springs home is of special interest because it was built by the founder of the town, Hiram M. Cranmer, and was one of the first larger homes in the community.

  • The Castle

    The Castle

    Not a typical riverside residence in the least, but definitely one of the boldest homes built during the early period of Wichita's illustrious growth is the Campbell Castle. Built in 1888

  • Raymond Community Home

    This beautiful old home was built in 1893 by Mr. Raymond for his bride. All the woodwork in the house is natural and different woods were used. John E. Raymond was one of Girard'

  • A. Wayland Home

    The Wayland home was built in 1887, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by the Higgie family who used only the finest lumber for the home. In 1896

  • Henry Laurens Call Home

    This is the home of Socialist lawyer, author, and lecturer, Henry Laurens Call. Call built the first airplane west of the Mississippi River in 1908. It was called the "Girard Airship"

  • Haldeman Home

    The home of Dr. and Mrs. H.W. Haldeman was built in 1884. Dr. Haldeman was both a doctor and president of the Bank of Girard. His wife Sarah Alice, served as president for about 10

  • Emanuel Haldeman-Julius Home

    Emanuel Haldeman lived at this farm home with his family beginning in 1918. The home is listed on the Kansas State Register of Historic Places. Emanuel was editor of the

  • Higgie Family Homes

    The Higgie family was a founding family with 10 children (5 of whom settled in Girard). Captain John and three sons were ship captains on the Great Lakes. In 1883, they purchased 80

  • Henderson House

    Henderson House

    A touch of aristocratic charm combined with friendly hospitality, this 1905 "doll house," which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Colonel Cook's Home

    Colonel Cook's Home

    Built in 1875, Colonel Cook's Home is a showpiece of historical and architectural spendor. It once housed the Bath Funeral Home.

  • Harkey House

    Harkey House

    The Harkey House was built in 1902 and was the former home and practice of frontier doctor, Dr. William C. Harkey. Listed on the State Register of Historic Places

  • Terwilliger Home

    Terwilliger Home

    With its foundation laid in Kansas Territory, the Terwilliger Home was built alongside the famed Santa Fe Trail as Kansas became the 34th state. Built by Abraham and Mary Rawlinson in 1860-61

  • Silverheels Residence

    This is the former residence of Shawnee Indian, John Silverheels built in 1830. Silverheels was given 800 acres in Northeast Johnson County in a treaty by President Buchanan. The 2

  • Loomis Home

    Loomis Home

    This home was built in 1882

  • Campbell Home

    This was the home of David Gee Campbell, the founder of Campbelltown, the original name sited for Merriam. The original house was moved from Shawnee in 1864 and placed on an 18" rock

  • Jensen/Dahl/Wade Home

    The Jensen/Dahl/Wade home in Denmark, Kansas, is a late 1800'

  • Early Residents Walking Tour

    Early Residents Walking Tour

    "Where Did They Live? Early Residences of Lindsborg, KS." This is a self guided street /

  • Aley Mansion

    Aley Mansion

    The Aley Mansion was built in 1887 by William Henry Sternberg and is notable for its high-style Queen Anne Architecture. The home'

  • Wilbur Chapman home

    Wilbur Chapman home

    Built in 1880, this home, listed on the Kansas Historical Registry, belonged to Wilbur Chapman, creator of "Pete the Pig"

  • Historic Sternberg Mansion

    Historic Sternberg Mansion

    Wichita's first historic property, the Historic Sternberg Mansion was built for the areas most prolific builder and all at a time in the late 1800