Lindo Theater

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Lindo Theater This historic movie theater built in 1922 features first-run movies daily on six screens.

The Lindo Theatre, designed by world famous Chicago architects and brothers, C.W. Rapp and George L. Rapp, opened on April 17, 1922. John Dittman, owner of several other Freeport theatres, constructed it.

The theatre had a single screen with a seating capacity of 1200 all on one floor, a stage for vaudeville acts with dressing rooms below and a Bennet pipe organ to accompany the films. For the Lindo's opening an orchestra with the top musicians in Freeport performed, as well as an organist, who was particularly skilled at playing for silent films.

Silents gave way to sound and theatres entered a new era, leading to changes and upgrades in design and technology and new ownership. The current owners are concerned with preserving the heritage of the theatre along with providing the latest technology in sound, lighting, and comfort.

In the lobbies, the modernizing which had been done during the 1940s was removed, revealing the remenants of beautiful plasterwork. The areas that had become damaged due to water or partial removal were recast and restored. In the main lobby, the glued down carpet was pealed away revealing the original terrazzo which was in very good shape and only needed a few patches.

Future plans are in the works for the addition of more screens on land acquired next door to the east.

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