McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary

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McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary This is a very exciting and thrilling adventure and you probably won't be able to get this close to these amazing animals at any zoo or safari ride. Also this is an opportunity for some amazing photographs. It is sure to be a trip you will remember for a lifetime, not only are you providing your family and friends with the adventure of a lifetime you will also be helping us take care of the residents here at McCarthy's Wildlife and any residents in the future.

Enjoy the coolest collection of snakes around in our new and improved reptile room. From creepy crawlie tarantulas to a 12 foot albino python. Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, rhino vipers, jumping vipers, albino cobras and so much more. Other reptiles you will see include monitors, tegus, bearded dragons, and crocodiles.

Private guided tours of the sanctuary are available by appointment only:
Monday - Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We do not allow visitors to roam about the sanctuary unescorted ...why? Well I have worked at several zoo type facilities over the years and the majority of the people are polite and courteous however a small percentage are rude and harass the animals and that I will not tolerate one bit (such as the recent tragedy at the San Francisco Zoo).

Admission: $20per adult; $10per child
Address: 12943 61st Street North
Phone: 561-790-2116
Our Email:

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