Ohio Boating

  • Charles Mill Lake Boating

    Charles Mill Lake has 1,350 acres of water surface for boating activities with a 10

  • Caesar Creek Lake Boating

    Caesar Creek Lake Boating

    Water recreation on the 2,830-acre Caesar Creek Lake is one of the key attractions. Unlimited horsepower designation allows for an exciting day of boating and water skiing.

  • Atwood Lake Boating

    Atwood Lake Boating

    A Public Launch ramp for the boating enthusiasts and fishermen is available near the Atwood Lake Dam year round.

  • Deer Creek Lake Boating

    Unlimited horsepower boating is permitted on the 1,277-acre Deer Creek reservoir. Two launch ramps provide access to the lake at the Deer Creek State Park Marina (west ramp)

  • Alum Creek Lake Boating

    Alum Creek Lake Boating

    Alum Creek Lake offers unlimited horsepower and various water related activities such as; fishing, sailing, water skiing, pleasure boating and boater swim/camp areas. There are five boat launch ramps;

  • Buckeye Lake Boating

    3,100-acre Buckeye Lake is designated as an unlimited horsepower lake, but pontoons, sailboats, canoes and rowboats are also common. 9 launch ramps provide access to the lake 135