Ohio Cemeteries

  • Westwood Cemetery

    Here lie former slaves, famous abolitionists and many who have become known as Oberlin'

  • Tyn Rhos Church and Cemetery

    The first formal church in Southeastern Ohio built by the Welsh Pioneers in 1850, replacing a log church built in 1840

  • Pine Street Cemetery

    This cemetery was established around 1790. The most interesting monuments are those marking the graves of the orginal French 500

  • Mound Hill Cemetery

    This cemetery dates back from 1880 and overlooks the Ohio River and Gallipolis. At least two of the founding French 500 are buried there. The plaque on the gates to the Cemetery lists the names of 30

  • Johnson's Island Confederate Officers Prison Cemetery

    Nearly 9,000 Confederate soldiers and civilians were housed at Johnson's Island Confederate Officers Prison. The cemetery holds the remains of more than 200