Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge

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Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge The Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge is a privately owned wood & metal combination style covered bridge that spans the West Fork of the Little River in DeKalb County, Alabama.

Originally built circa 1863, the 90-foot (27 m) bridge is a Stringer truss construction over three spans. Its current WGCB number is 01-25-A, formerly 01-25-02. The Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge is one of five existing covered bridges in Alabama built before 1950 not listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was rebuilt in 1980 over an existing cable bridge from the late 1800s.

According to the current owners, the Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge dates back to the American Civil War...possibly between 1863 and 1864. It was built by Union Army troops over Otter Creek (not Ottery Creek in nearby Calhoun County), now a drybed located near the town of Lincoln in either Talladega County or Calhoun County. The bridge was used as an access route by Union forces throughout the war. It is unknown whether or not the bridge was open to motor traffic in later years. The Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge was purchased in 1972 by Jack Jones, original owner of Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort, and moved north to Lookout Mountain near Mentone. The covered section was built over an existing steel cable bridge in 1980, replacing an earlier bridge built over the Little River fork in 1969. Initially, the covered section had slanted stringers only. It was later changed to vertical stringers with low-end exterior sides. Sources say the covered bridge was initially 42 feet (13 m) in length. In comparison, the Tallasseehatchee Covered Bridge was 60 feet (18 m)...a Multiple King-post truss construction built in 1908. Either way, only the center portion of the current bridge is covered and not the entire 90-foot span.

Today, the bridge mostly serves as a crossing for horseback riders riding the trails to and from Shady Grove Dude Ranch. It also attracts history buffs and other visitors as well.

Admission: Free
Address: Atop Lookout Mountain, Co. Rd. 614
Phone: 256-634-4344

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