Nebraska Historic Barns

  • Uehling Barn

    Uehling Barn

    The Uehling Barn is located on a hill overlooking the town of Uehling. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Alexander Thomas Barn

    Alexander Thomas Barn

    This huge red-and-white candy-striped building was built in 1888

  • Genoa Indian School Barns

    Genoa Indian School Barns

    Four barns still remain that were part of the U.S. Indian Industrial School (1844-1934)

  • Elijah Filley Stone Barn

    Elijah Filley Stone Barn

    The Elijah Filley Stone Barn, built in 1874, was formerly a part of Elijah Filley's Cottage Hill Farm, established in 1867

  • Historic Barn

    Historic Barn

    Many historic barns can be found throughout the surrounding area. Built without nails in 1887