Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

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One of just ten sculpture parks of its size in the U.S and the only sculpture park of its type in Ohio, Pyramid Hill is a 265-acre sculpture park and outdoor museum that combines the lure of nature with the dynamic presence of monumental art. Overlooking the Great Miami River, it is a setting where landscape and over 80 pieces of art come together in natural galleries among the vast meadows and rolling hills. Some of the sculpture is designed to walk through, touch, and even spin. Due to the different directions of the sun and shadows, you always get a different view or feel for the pieces and the park depending on the time of day and the season.

The park has a series of one-way roads to allow viewing from your vehicle as well as on foot. Pyramid Hill also features an arboretum, amphitheater, indoor pavilion, wall garden and authentic stone home from the pioneer days while offering hiking trails, lakes, picnic areas, and a variety of programs for children and adults. There is a summer series of activities for the kids, evening concerts and music on Sunday afternoons, a fishing derby, Arbor Day ceremonies, the annual ?Art Fair,? and of course the famous ?Holiday Lights on the Hill.??

Hours: Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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