Kansas Historic Bridges

  • Soden's Grove Bridge

    Soden's Grove Bridge

    The bridge is a 216-ft. reinforced concrete Rainbow Arch bridge designed by James Marsh. It was completed in 1923 on old piers dating from the 1890

  • Asylum Bridge

    Asylum Bridge

    The Asylum Bridge which crosses the Marais des Cygnes River at First Street, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Pole Creek Bridge

    This graceful stone bridge, listed on the National Historic Register, was built in the early 1900

  • Steel Truss Bridge

    This one-lane three-span steel truss bridge crosses the Republican River just east of the Pawnee Indian Village Museum. Few of these bridges are left.

  • Stone Double-Arch Bridge

    Stone Double-Arch Bridge

    It was a meeting place for three different ethnic groups in the settling days of the area.

  • Pratt Pony Bridge

    Pratt Pony Bridge

    The historic Pratt Pony Bridge was made in the early 1900

  • Mighty Samson

    Mighty Samson

    The Samson Bridge was erected in 1939

  • Cherokee Strip Bridge

    Cherokee Strip Bridge

    This bridge built by Grant County, Oklahoma and Sumner County, Kansas is a new monument to those hardy and determined men and women who ran the Cherokee Strip Run in 1893.

  • Historic Bridges

    Historic Bridges

    * Rainbow Curve Bridge just north of town is the only remaining Marsh Arch bridge on Rt. 66. * The InterUrban Street Car Bridge spans the lazy banks of the Spring River.

  • 1893 Iron Truss Bridge

    Walk out on this venerable 100+

  • Muddy Creek Bridge

    The Muddy Creek Bridge is a reinforced concrete bridge which is listed on the National Register and is believed to have been built between 1900 and 1910

  • Rock Creek Stone Arch Bridge

    Rock Creek Stone Arch Bridge

    Turn back the clock and drive across this graceful old bridge built in the 1880

  • Historic Bridges

    Two historic bridges are located in the Lenora vicinity. They are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.