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Smith-Zimmermann Heritage Museum The collection at the Smith-Zimmerman Museum primarily reflects the ethnic groups who settled Lake County. Many artifacts in the Museum were brought with these early pioneers or purchased by them in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The artifacts include household articles, period clothing and war memorabilia. Display areas cover

Daily Life
Early Communication
Early Technology
Musical Instruments
Claim Shanty (replica)

One of the area displays in the Museum is a bedroom that is typical of the settlers in the 1880's. The armoire was brought to Lake County in 1881 by the D.D. Holdridge family who settled in the Madison area. The matching walnut bedroom suite was donated by George Smith. It consists of a bed, a marble-topped dresser and commode. They were used in Madison by the Northy family.
From Egan Avenue it is the third building east of the Karl Mundt Library.

In another area is a range of early transportation from the first covered wagon to come to Lake County, the 1920 Oldsmobile driven by the Smith Family, to a 1959 Hennery Kilowatt. One of about 120 of these cars made.

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