Thayer County Museum (Belvidere)

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Thayer County Museum (Belvidere) One of the most interesting places to visit when you are in Thayer County is the Thayer County Museum located in the former school building at Belvidere. Since 1969, many artifacts, exhibits, and treasures have been added to the once-classrooms. This unique arrangement provides ample space for various exhibits.

Pioneer families have donated items, which had been a part of their family heritage. There are several rooms, which show the parlors, the kitchens, and other rooms of the early homes of the county. The parlor has been entirely re-done so a viewer enters the front porch of the home before proceeding into the parlor.

Also on display are items from now defunct businesses, lodge halls, and theaters. There is also a church room where an altar, pews and other vestments from county churches are arranged.

A genealogy and newspaper files department is housed in the museum with files of names and publications for research.

A major project of the museum staff in 1997 was the cataloging and documenting of the antique quilt exhibit. There are approximately fifty quilts in the collections and range from the very early times of the county up to the bicentennial year. These have been placed in archival boxes and photographed so viewers may know where to look to see a particular quilt.

Admission: Free Admission
Hours: HOURS: 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. Daily, except Sunday
Address: At Belvidere, go north through town across the railroad tracks to the Old School on the Hill
Phone: 402-768-2256

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