The Miami Science Museum

category : Science Centers
The Miami Science Museum is a family-friendly attraction where you can have fun and learn at the same time. The Miami Science Museum features a huge planetarium that can seat over 200 people. It's one of the premier attractions at the museum. You and your family can learn more about the galaxy and the constellations that appear in the night sky. Once a month, visitors can also use the museum's powerful telescopes to see some real planets, nebulas, and other galaxies. The wildlife center, which rehabilitates birds like falcons, owls, and bald eagles and then releases them back into the wild, is also a popular museum attraction. There are also museum exhibits that are changed on a regular basis, so it's possible to have a unique experience each time you visit. One exhibit might consist of a collection of dinosaur fossils, while another might be an interactive exhibit displaying Newton's laws of motion. Whatever is it, it's sure to be educational and enjoyable. Your kids probably won't even realize they're actually learning.

Admission: $13 - $20. Children under 3, FREE
Hours: Open Daily from 10am to 6pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
Address: 3280 South Miami Avenue
Phone: 305-646-4200

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