Theron Bennett Home

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Theron Bennett Home

Theron Bennett, nationally known ragtime composer, lived in Pierce City until returning from college 1902 when he left to begin a career where his unseen future would become the past that we can now recall as his successful contribution to the music world. Satisfied, Pork and Beans, Some Blues, and St. Louis Tickle are but a few of the early rags composed between 1909 and 1916.

Theron's father came to Pierce City in 1874 according to Lawrence County history:

"It is everywhere acknowledged that keen perception, sound judgment and a determined will, supported by continuous effort,
will surely result in success, and the mercantile experience of Mr. Bennett, in Peirce City, fully bears out the truth of this
statement, for he is numbered among the substantial business men and enterprising citizens of the town. It was in 1874 that he
came to Peirce City and engaged in the drug business, and his reputation in his line of business is second to none in Southwest
Missouri.....he is the father of one son, Theron, jazz and rag-time composer and musician."

From "A Reprint of Goodspeed's 1888 History of Lawrence County; Reprint Lawrence County Section of Goodspeed's

Newton, Lawrence, Barry And McDonald Counties History; published by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., in 1888; Reprinted

by Litho Printers Of Cassville, Missouri In 1973." as transcribed by JJR.

Address: Walnut and Washington Streets

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