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While watching the falling prices in the hog market, Tom and John Yingling were faced with the major decision whether to continue raising hogs. Making a change after being in the same business for over 30 years was difficult. After two years of intense research, Woodside Farms embarked on one of agricultures newest trends, aquaculture. What they discovered was that they did not need fancy equipment or loads of chemicals, just lots of water and some salt for the tanks. The farm currently raises yellow perch, blue gill, gold fish and Japanese Koi. Plans are in place to increase the size of the facilites and to begin raising new species.  The goal for 2007 is to include new bait species and expand the goldfish bait market. The Yinglings are eager to show visitors their system. Visitors find the tours interesting and educational. Consumers quickly discover that the fish have a higher quality and are a much healthier product for consumption.

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