Why Advertise on LASR.net?

Two Questions asked often of LASR.

Why should I advertise via the internet? — it’s the number #1 place being used by visitors/customers for trip information.
Why should I take advantage of LASR’S offer if I am already on the web or a city site?    Read on::::::

It’s a fact and hopefully no hidden secret from those who are working to attract visitors/customers to their business, event, attraction or city that the day or more traveling public typically is not aware of all the events, attractions, businesses and even cities located only 5 miles from their location much less those further away. That has been a challenge for us all and even with the development of the internet it still remains a top challenge.  Why? Well, if someone doesn’t know about an event, attraction, business or city the chances of them asking for any of them via the web drops dramatically.  

With that in mind I would like you to consider LASR and it’s one time Marquee “ad space” cost.  (If any Marquee ad space is taken in a LASR city site LASR will make sure events and attractions are updated.)
Just so you know:
LASR is an internet day trip, weekend getaway or extended vacation informational site.  It is designed to help our viewers discover attractions, events, related businesses and even cities that can help them plan their day trips, weekend getaways and extended vacations  With LASR viewers do not need to previously know a name or location to find new things to see or do. ((important))
Millions of people have come to LASR over the past 20 years.  Over 1,000,000 pages of information was accessed by viewers in the last 12 months.  The mid-west is at present the most developed and popular area.  LASR is working 24hrs – 7 days a week to help our viewers discover new attractions, events, related businesses and even cities.
LASR is designed to help extend the attraction, event and related business information of a city into a variety of categories located in it’s  “Regional and State wide informational pages”.  This creates multiple “links” where the information can be discovered by people browsing these areas.
 LASR BELIEVES IN A SIMPLE FORMULA which is “more links beyond your location = more chances of discovery by people living beyond your location = increased chances of “NEW” visitors/customers.”
Day trippers will drive 60 or miles or more for a city wide garage sale, car show or other events and attractions.  Those wanting to enjoy a weekend outing or extended vacation will go even further.
So, we would like you to consider this offer from LASR.  
For A ONE TIME COST OF $36 a business can take a  Featured Marquee ad that will be located in “it’s LASR city for a period of at least 24 months.  And yes, you can advertise in other cities if there are spaces left.
   (((If only one ad is taken in a city – LASR will still add major events and attractions to the city information and will extend it to the related categories in the Regional Pages increasing the number of links and therefore the chances of discovery by our viewers.)))
featured Marquee ad space comes up on every attraction and event listed in that LASR city whether the information is accessed through the city pages or where that information is accessed in the LASR Regional pages. At LASR’s discretion it also may be placed free of chartge for a period of time in an upcoming special category listings that will be included in every city in the region where the business, attraction or event is located. That will begin soon.  
COST = $36.00 ———– BUT!!!  LASR does a 10 ad shared ad offer too — $ $180.00 = $18.00 per ad. Are there ten or more businesses, events or attractions you would like to feature???? Let me know and I might be able to help you out.
 At present Marquee ads taken in a city  appear on every page of that city in LASR .  Marquee ads are in the right column of a city page in the same area as the attractions and events.  (scroll down a bit on a city page)  They rotate randomly so that all share the space equally.
There is a city banner space.  Typically we like to have a chamber or like entity take this space.  If there are ads we give the space at no cost to the chamber or like entity.
Scroll down a bit to the “Attraction and Event Listings Area” in the LASR city sites listed to see Featured Marquee Ads in right column.
Columbus, Kansas = “chamber sponsored ads” = www.lasr.net/travel/city.php?Columbus&TravelTo=KS0605005
Minneapolis, Kansas = “bank sponsored ads” = www.lasr.net/travel/city.php?Minneapolis&TravelTo=KS0809014 
St. Paul, Kansas = “bank sponsored ads: = www.lasr.net/travel/city.php?St.+Paul&TravelTo=KS0612020
Marquees can be linked back to your personal site. 
Thanks for your time and consideration.  I will get back to you.  Questions or thoughts?  I will do my best to answer or help you out.  If you need someone to “sponsor” you I don’t mind calling those who we know might sponsor.  Just ask. 🙂