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Beloit, KS

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BeloitBeloit, county seat of Mitchell County, is located in the Solomon River Valley in the north central area of Kansas. It is also in the center of the Smoky Hills in the land of the Kansas Post Rock. It is located on U.S. Highways 24 & 14, and K- 9. Beloit is 50 minutes from Interstate 70 and 30 minutes from U.S. Highway 81. It is 3 1/2 hours from the Rocky Mountains. Beloit is located 15 minutes from Waconda Lake and Glen Elder State Park. This area provides excellent fishing, hunting, camping and nature study. The whole area provides for the needs of an abundance of birds and wildlife including bald eagles, herons, cranes, deer, prairie dogs, bobcat, quail, pheasant, prairie chickens, waterfowl, etc.

The state's central location, productive workforce, excellent educational system, equitable tax structure, abundant energy resources with competitive rates as well as incentives to business such as tax relief and training assistance make Kansas an ideal location.

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Popular Attractions in Beloit Kansas

Bell-Bogardus Indian Massacre and Cemetery
Beloit, KS | Category: Pioneer Life
August 12, 1868 - At the homestead site of David A. Bogardus, 40 rods north of the Solomon River and 3 miles southeast of Willow Springs (present Day Beloit). It was at the Bogardus cabin that David Bogardus and Braxton Bell, 23, were killed; Braxton's wife, Elizabeth, 21, was mortally wounded; Bell-Bogardus Indian Massacre and Cemetery

Lakes near Beloit Kansas

Waconda Lake
Region : Post Rock Country, KS
Waconda Lake Waconda Lake

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