Anadarko, Oklahoma

Anadarko, Oklahoma

Welcome to Anadarko, Oklahoma, the Indian Capital of the Nation, the door to the Old West, the gateway to the Great Plains, and the home of Indian City, U.S.A.

You are about to turn back the pages of history our town of over 100 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

These are the Tonkawa Hills, named for the Tonkawa Indian massacre on October 24, 1864. Anadarko is a unique name, named for the Nadarko band of Caddo Indians. The city of Anadarko was founded on August 6, 1901, when the surrounding Indian reservations were opened to white settlement through the auction of lots.

Tour the seven Indian villages of Indian City, U.S.A., built under the supervision of the University of Oklahoma. See the Apache wickiup, the Pawnee earth lodge, the Kiowa winter camp, the Pueblo adobe, the Caddo houses, the Navajo hogan and the fabulous Wichita grass house.

See the Southern Plains Indian Museum and Crafts Center to view the American Indian past, present, and contemporary works of art.

Visit the National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians. A self-guided tour of the outdoor sculpture garden is available at no charge.

Tour the Philomathic Pioneer museum, the art galleries, and tribal museums

Welcome to Anadarko! It's good to see ya here! - Oklahoma English

"Sud-enta" ... How are you? - Caddo

"Shee-kee-hetch" ... Are you ok? - Delaware

"Isaka'a" ... Invitation to a visitor to enter one's home. Implied is a welcome and a certainty that the visitor will receive food and drink and be made comfortable. - Wichita

"Nailtsai ba'leensi" ... I'm glad I saw you. - Chiricahua Apache, Fort Sill Apache

"Hun'day o'day bah'tsahn" ... It's good to see you. - Kiowa

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Philomathic Pioneer Museum

There is no better place to learn of Anadarko's pioneer past than at the Anadarko Philomathic Museum. The museum is housed in the old Rock Island Depot, the famed train station where Jesse James' mother stopped for a drink of water.

Anadarko, OK Museums

Outdoor Murals

These murals are two magnificent gifts to downtown Anadarko located on the building of The Gallery of Art which displays the works of more than 120 artists and artisans in traditional, primitive, and contemporary Native American and Southwestern art.

Anadarko, OK Arts

Indian City, U.S.A.

- CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - The only authentic restoration of American dwellings and way of life in America, Indian City, U.S.A. is on the site of the massacre of the Tonkawa Indians by a band of Shawnees and other mercenaries during the Civil War.

Anadarko, OK Museums

War Memorial

The bronze sculpture stands in front of the Caddo County Courthouse with the inscription "In Memory of Our Brave Boys."

Anadarko, OK Memorials

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