Leavenworth, Kansas

C.W. Parker Carousel

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C.W. Parker Carousel Ride a restored antique wooden 1913 Parker carousel and tour the museum dedicated to telling the remarkable story of C. Parker, the "Carnival King". There are two other carousels in the museum. One is the oldest operating, hand-cranked, wooden carousel, built around 1860 and the other is a 1950 aluminum carousel built by Paul Paker, C.W.'s son.
Come to Leavenworth and "Have a Merry-Go-Round Day"!

Admission: Admission
Hours: Open Thurs-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 1-5pm
Address: 320 S. Esplanade
Phone: 913-682-1331
Our Email: j-m-reinhardt@sbcglobal.net
Our Website:www.firstcitymuseums.org

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