Cassoday, Kansas

Cassoday, Kansas

Known as the Prairie Chicken Capital of the World, Cassoday is located within the Flint Hills north of El Dorado Lake in an area that is well-known for its upland game resources. Although small, Cassoday is a place where travelers can stop and get the services they need while enjoying a more relaxed pace and a chance to rest before proceeding on their travels.

Cassoday is also a popular spot for touring bicyclists to stop and camp in the city park. On the first Sunday from March through November, motorcycles of any and all brands and their riders gather at the Cassoday Cafe for a breakfast buffet and to visit.

While open prairie cattle grazing is generally considered part of cowboy history, it is still a common practice here as large shipments of cattle are brought into the Cassoday area from all over the country to graze upon the nourishing Blue Stem grasslands in the surrounding Flint Hills. The railroad, which came to Cassoday in 1906, used to bring in the cattle. Now cattle trucks do most of the shipping although trains still come through Cassoday with regularity.

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