Civil War Action in Mt. Vernon

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The Confederate Army kept a garrison at Mr. Vernon after the battle of Wilson's Creek (August 10, 1861), but Union Colonel John Mills' troops routed them on Feb. 18th and 19th, that next spring in the "Rebel Flag Incident" where the Yankees took away several prisoners and the Rebel flag which had been flying over the courthouse. Three rows of Union trenches north of town (at Truitt Creek on Hwy. 39) were believed to have been dug to turn back an anticipated attack by Confederate General, Jo Shelby. Shelby's troops also had a skirmish north of town in October of '64, the same year disgraced Union Colonel "Doc" Jennison's Kansas raiders plundered the area prior to his arrest.

Three blocks south of the square on Main Street, The Presbyterian Church served as a Confederate army hospital after the battle of Wilson's Creek. Union troops later established a hospital in a building on the southwest corner of the square, where Trogdon's Insurance now stands. Union Col. (later, Major General), Franz Digel's troops rested here for two days after their defeat at Carthage on July 5th, 1861. Scores of other incidents occurred here and over 100,000 troops were through the area during the war. There were both Union and Confederate camps in the northeast part of town, and "town creek" at the north edge of town was a huge cavalry grazing area.

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Harold Bell Wright

Many know that Harold Bell Wright's, "Shepherd of the Hills" was the most widely read book of fiction in the history of publishing! Few know, however, that many of the places, events, and characters are based on actual models. There really was an "old shepherd of Mutton Hollow,&

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The 3rd "Old Jail"

This imposing structure on the north side of the square was built at a cost of $16,000 in 1874 (two years before Custer's Last Stand)

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"Brick" Presbyterian Church

The beautiful, stately, historic church, known familiarly as Brick Church because of its 17-inch thick brick walls, stands solidly in a picturesque setting of prairie land.

The church, organized in 1854 was built in 1872 to last as a house of praise to the Lord. Today'

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Jones Memorial Chapel and Museum

Built in 1961 as a "thank you" to the people of his home county, Lawrence K. Jones provided a beautiful stone building which houses a wedding chapel, a meeting hall, and the Lawrence County Historical Society Museum.

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The 2nd "Old Jail"

The county's first log jail burned in 1854, and a brick structure was built on Walter Street a block west of the square. It is presently undergoing reconstruction for historical preservation. It was used until 1868, and had an original cost of $3,500.

Mt. Vernon, MO Pioneer Life

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Civil War Action in Mt. Vernon

The Confederate Army kept a garrison at Mr. Vernon after the battle of Wilson's Creek (August 10, 1861), but Union Colonel...