Garlock Cabin

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Garlock Cabin In early 2001, the North Platte Valley Museum embarked on an ambitious project to move part of a 113 year-old cabin from it's original "home" in Gering, Nebraska several blocks to the inside exhibition area of the Museum.

Construction on the cabin began in 1887 by Martin Bristol, the first carpenter in Gering, and was completed July 10, 1888. Fortunately, Bristol signed and dated one of the rafter beams, which was discovered by the owners and later donors Bill and Mary Ann Hessler of Gering as they were preparing to renovate part of the structure. Our research reveals that the structure was the second cabin built in Gering, and is likely to be the oldest Gering structure still in existence today. The cabin was built by Bristol for Frank Garlock, one of the first settlers in the Gering area.

Moving the cabin was a long and difficult process, requiring the assistance of professional movers and plenty of patience and hard work by Museum staff and volunteers. The rough hewn logs (cedar logs flattened only slightly on two opposing sides with a broad axe, provided a smooth surface on both the interior and exterior of the cabin) were likely harvested from the nearby Wildcat Hills area. Full restoration of the cabin will be an ongoing project for the Museum over the next few years.

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