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Ashland Golf Course

The Ashland Golf Course is located North of town using Grant Street. The course has grass greens and is open to the public. ...

Old Post Cemetery

All that remains of the original Fort Wallace now is the old post cemetery, enclosed by stone walls within the Wallace Townsh...

Rural Artwork

These metal collages form two gateways between the fencing in rural Protection east on Highway 9. ...

Bill Hougland - Gold Medalist

Bill Hougland transferred to Beloit High School his junior year in 1947. He then took the team to its first state championshi...

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The Famous Heart of Garden City Kansas Music Video 2008-2009

Heart of Garden City Ks (Souljahtv Films 2009) the video was edited by andrew garza this video was too show the beauful faces of garden city ks. we are the h...

Garden City, Kansas thunderstorm

Driving through the thunderstorm that hit Garden City, Kansas around 4:30 pm on July 31, 2013.

Hebert Acevedo Gets Ready To Headline In Garden City Kansas EsNews Boxing

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Proximo Norte-Pensando en Ti en Garden City Kansas.mpg

Tocando en el Primaveras Balroom en Garden City, Kansas...........Gracias y Saludos para toda la razita de Garden Ctiy, que los dieron la bienvenida Y a Rodr...