Lyndon, Kansas

Lyndon, Kansas

Lyndon, the county seat of Osage County, is a beautiful town with good schools, several churches, a swimming pool, plus over 100 businesses in the immediate area. Located midway between two federal reservoirs, Lyndon has easy access to year round outdoor recreation. Festivities throughout the year make Lyndon the place you want to be. The Lyndon Chamber of Commerce/Pride Fall Festival features crafts, activities for children, baby contest and talent show. Each year it gets better. The beginning of Christmas is celebrated with a big Christmas Parade on the second Saturday of December.

More and more young people are choosing to make Lyndon their home. But an untapped source to attract visitors Lyndon is its history.

Lyndon was established March 14, 1870, when four townsite owners contributed 40 acres each to the establishment of a town. Two of the contributors, Haas and Gilliland have descendants who still live in the community.

Earlier in 1842, the US government signed a treaty with the Sac & Fox of Mississippi residing in Iowa. The tribe agreed to give up their Iowa land for land in Kansas, part of it being the site where Lyndon now stands, almost in the center of the reservation. After Kansas became a state the Sac & Fox were soon removed to Oklahoma, and the land was immediately put up for sale by the government.

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